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    Patch Notes / Change Logs

    1/17/2021 - v2.0.9 BETA (KitPvP+) Added Leaderboards Added Ravager Champion Opened Champion Zone #2 Added Coin Flips Added Auction House Added Player Vaults Added Chat Reactions Added Sumo Event Fixed Bow Boosting Knockback Revised Kits Updated Messages Several Minor Bug Fixes
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    Chat Reaction Suggestions

    Hello, I am leaving it up to you guys to submit the initial Chat Reactions for GalacticSky & KitPvP+. Please try to keep them related to the server or gamemode, inside jokes are welcomed. Comment below what you'd like to see added, will be adding all of them as long as they are appropriate. Try...
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    Nebulous KitPvP+ Map // At A Glance

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    Pilter - MMC Staff Member

    you are literally the worst staff on mmc lmao
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    Network Rules

    Network Rules General Rules No DDoS/Dox Threats. No leaking personal information. No Swatting/Raid Threats. No leaking IP's of another player/person. No stalking or harassment of any kind. Do not attempt to circumvent/crash any server. Do not attempt to duplicate/exploit items in-game. Do not...
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