OuterWorlds Patch Notes v3.2.0


• Migrated OuterWorlds to our Developer's Dedicated Server (BadReview)
• Depricated Practice Server
• Depricated Events Server
• Depricated Crystalia Server
• Server Optimizations/Bug Fixes

• Removed Hub Duels
• Removed Practice NPC/Hologram/Scoreboard assets
• Removed Events NPC/Hologram/Scoreboard assets
• Removed Crystalia NPC/Hologram/Scoreboard assets

• Added World Event Announcements (Alien Invasion, Supply Crates, Boss Fight)
• Added Alien Invasion (Slimes fall from the sky every ten minutes, $10 per kill)
• Changed Boss Ravanger name to Dalmekia
• Changed Boss Ravanger type from Baby Zombie to Iron Golem
• Moved Practice to KitPvP+ as "Duels" (can be accessed from /duels or from the Duels NPC at spawn)
• Revamped Chat Reactions
• Added Grenade Item

Coming Soon
• Rankup System (/rankup)
- Players will now be able to obtain all ranks for FREE by playing KitPvP+
- Players will type /rankup once they prestige, and when they do they will be given the next rank up

- Players will be able to choose what rank they want to display alongside their usernames
- Players will be able to buy a Season Pass that lets them use any/all kits without having kills for $20 (Each season will be 6 months)

- Players will still be able to permanently purchase each rank, and ranks will no longer be inherited by purchasing a higher rank (so if a player purchases Reaper rank, they will only have access to Reaper rank, not Alien, Cosmonaut, and Wanderer)
• Adjusted Rank Prices (See Below)
- Astro -150 kills or $3

- Alien - 300 kills or $6
- Explorer - 450 kills or $9
- Cosmonaut - 600 kills or $12
- Galactic - 750 kills or $15
- Wanderer - 900 kills or $18
- Planetarian - 1050 kills or $21

- Reaper - 1200 kills or $24
• Astro Rank/Kit
• Explorer Rank/Kit
• Galactic Rank/Kit
• Planetarian Rank/Kit

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