Helpful Commands


New to the server? Here is a list of all available commands on OuterWorlds!

  • /kit - Opens the Kit Selector, you can pick a kit or edit a kit from this menu
  • /menu - A simple GUI with all features on KitPvP+
  • /shop - Access the Item Shop
  • /rankup - Access all available RankUp's to be redeemed
  • /reclaim - Claim your rank's perks
  • /duels - Teleports you to the Duel Lobby (Must be in spawn and have a cleared inventory)
  • /trade - Initiate a Trade with another player of items/money
  • /timer - View when the next Supply Crate Event is
  • /spawn - Teleports you back to spawn
  • /menu - A simple GUI with all features on KitPvP+
  • /outpost - Displays the current status of the Outpost
  • /cc - Used to change your chat color
  • /crates - Used to access and open various crates
  • /warp - Used to access various warps such as FPS
  • /bal - Displays how much cash you have
  • /leaderboards - Displays Top Stats for all players (Kills, Deaths, KDR, etc.)
  • /clan - Used to view all other subcommands for Clans
  • /ec - Access your Ender Chest
  • /pv - Used to access your PlayerVault(s)
  • /trails - Used to equip trail effects
  • /skin - Used to change or reset your skin
  • /store - Store Link
  • /discord - Discord Link
  • /forums - Forums Link