Network Rules

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Jan 5, 2021
Network Rules

General Rules
  • No DDoS/Dox Threats.
  • No leaking personal information.
  • No Swatting/Raid Threats.
  • No leaking IP's of another player/person.
  • No stalking or harassment of any kind.
  • Do not attempt to circumvent/crash any server.
  • Do not attempt to duplicate/exploit items in-game.
  • Do not attempt to replicate our network on another server.
  • Do not ask staff to check appeals/reduce punishments.
  • Do not ask staff to use their permissions to benefit you in-game.
  • Do not evade any form of punishment given to you.
  • Do not attempt to scam anyone out of real life currency for in-game items.
  • Do not fake evidence on a player to get them punished.
  • Do not chargeback any purchases made. (If you need assistance with a purchase, please fill out this form.)
  • Do not spam on the forums, creating multiple unnecessary threads/replies.
  • Do not encourage or intentionally disrespect another person regarding race, sexuality, or a disability they may have.
  • Do not send any harmful links to another player, including IP grabbers and NSFW content.
*Note* These rules apply on our Discord server, and anywhere else that you may interact with people from the community. Failure to follow these rules even outside of our network could lead to punishment on our network.

Game Rules
  • The use of hacked/modified clients are not allowed.
  • Do not abuse any possible exploits in game, whether that be leaving the map, or tampering with the economy. Please report any bugs here.
  • Scamming is not punishable with in-game items, but if real currency is involved (e.g. Paypal, buying somebody a rank) is not prohibited.
  • Do not use any other programs to give you leverage over another player.
  • Do not abuse the /helpop & /report commands or your perms will be permanently removed.
  • Use account sharing at your own risk, just because the account isn't yours doesn't mean you will be let off a punishment given to the account!
  • Kill/Leaderboard boosting is not allowed. (e.g. using an alt to get more kills on KitPvP+)
  • No AFK mining or anything related to try and earn something that you did not work for.
  • Traps of any kind on GalacticSky are not allowed on your islands visitor spawn.
  • Any form of griefing to another players planet is punishable.
  • Do not spam in the chat, anything *OVER* 4-5 messages in a 10-15 second time period.

*Note* Even if something explicitly listed on here that does NOT make it acceptable! If you are unsure about something being right or wrong, please contact staff!
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